Happy birthday to…me!

For your information, no, I’m NOT on a gigantic ego trip but today really is my birthday and I want to show you what fantastic kids and friends I’ve got. I got a package from Marie (Knittermarie in Scandinavian RAK) with a lovely letter, 3 skeins of the acrylic yarn Carro Magic from Marks & Kattens and 2 big chocolatebars which were extremely yummy and are eaten already with the help of my darling daughters. I’ve knitted with that yarn before and love it, very easy to work with. Thank you very much, Marie, I really appreciated everything! Speaking of the daughters, they gave me 5 skeins of the acrylic yarn Carolina from Marks & Kattens, a beautiful pen with my name on it, a book, an enormous note book and a very thoughtful and beautiful card…and as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also going to spoil me rotten on Saturday by cooking the dinner, baking the bread etc. etc. Thanks a million girls, I love you dearly!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Många grattis på födelsedagen!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    You have been on my mind all day.

    If you lived here we would go out and celebrate your birthday and St. Patrick’s Day in an Irish Pub!

    SInce you aren’t . . .Here Is Raising a Glass of Coke in your Honor . . CHEERS on another year down.



  3. Grattis på födelsedagen!!



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